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Dr. Tammy Smith

Soul Talk with Dr. Tammy Smith
The Illusion of Control

The Illusion of Control with Susan McCrabb // Why, even when we know life is wrought with unknowns, risks, and freak accidents, do we still grapple so hard to think we are in control? In this awe-inspiring podcast episode, Tammy talks with Susan McCrabb about her journey. Life went from a “formula” that was working to one of drastic change and challenge. Susan’s authenticity in the midst of living how life can change in an instant is heart-wrenching and inspirational. Susan has written a recently-released book on her story, and Tammy is excited to get to introduce more of the world to this powerhouse of a Christ-follower who has something to impart to us all in her very down-to-earth processing of great difficulty.

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