Whenever groups ask Tammy for a bio about herself, her first response is usually something like “Just tell them I love Jesus and He loves me” or “I’m a daughter of the King of Kings, for His purpose and glory.” However, most groups would like a little more information about their speaker!

Tammy is a professional counselor and popular conference speaker. She’s also a competitive tennis player and talented musician. She is a wife to Mike, whom she describes as amazing and wonderful. Mike is the pastor of  Vista Community Church in Northwest Columbus, Ohio. They have two grown sons, Spencer and Shaeffer.

Tammy is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Ohio and Texas, a National Certified Counselor, and holds a Ph.D. in Psychology. Her graduate and undergraduate work were in counseling and Bible. She works two days a week in her counseling practice, Threshold, and has been ministering to clients since 1993.

Tammy also directs the Christmas and Easter programs at her church, which she calls her “privilege and blessing” to be a part of. The choirs and orchestras she’s led have ministered to thousands through their unique and powerful presentations of the gospel in musical and dramatic excellence. Tammy also participates in various women’s, worship, and prayer ministries at the church.

Of her many passions, though, Tammy utterly enjoys the chance to interact with others deeply around God, His truth, and His amazing ways. If you are reading this information because she is coming to your upcoming event, you can be assured she is extremely excited about sharing with you, and is praying that every word she utters be directly from the Father’s heart and in His will.