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Dr. Tammy Smith

Soul Talk with Dr. Tammy Smith
Living Through The Unimaginable

You never know if you can live through the dark night of the soul until you actually do. Tammy’s guest, Sarah Cobb, shares her experience of walking through her daughter’s battle with cancer, and the ways in which her faith was challenged, how it carried her and also has been changed as a result. While on mission to tell Katie’s story, Sarah is very real about her own – that wrestling with God is okay, even necessary; that even when you think things can’t get worse, they can; that strength will be there only in the moment you need it; that God sometimes prepares you for things deep inside ahead of time; and that ultimately God will remind you at some point He was there before the lights went out. Whether you are going through your own unimaginable or simply need some wisdom for the hard parts of your journey, this beautiful recounting of the real ways in which God met Sarah in her dark night of the soul will provide you some encouragement to keep going in yours.

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