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Dr. Tammy Smith

Author: Tammy Smith

Soul Talk Podcast
The Illusion of Control

The Illusion of Control with Susan McCrabb // Why, even when we know life is

Soul Talk Podcast
Abandoned to Awakened

How does one go through abandonment, betrayal and loss and come out the other side

Soul Talk Podcast
The Soul & Suffering

In this episode, Tammy speaks with her good friend and counselor colleague, Joel Wharton, about

Soul Talk Podcast
Worshipping Through Art

In this podcast, Tammy connects with friend, graphic artist and Soul Healing team member, Alicia

Soul Talk Podcast
God In Real Life

You won’t want to miss this dialogue between two deep soul-stirrers who aren’t afraid to

Soul Talk Podcast
Parenting and Pandemics

Join Tammy and counseling colleague Alyssa Orweller as they discuss the challenging topics of parenting

Soul Talk Podcast
Relational Refugees

Ever felt like you don’t quite fit anywhere? Join Dr. Kevin Dudley and Tammy for

Soul Talk Podcast
Frustrating Fear

Fear is a soul issue most certainly at play in everyone’s life whether we realize

Soul Talk Podcast
We’re All Grieving Something

On this first episode of Soul Talk, Tammy chats with friend, pastor and teacher, Zoe

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