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Dr. Tammy Smith


“Tammy brings truth for healing the soul, yet through the vehicle of authenticity, authority, brokenness, and power. These things don’t naturally go together. Her authenticity is what gives her authority—she walks the walk. And her brokenness is the source of her power. When she speaks in front of a crowd, a deep impression is made, at least, on me—Did she somehow get my journal? Because she’s speaking right into where I’m at right now. Tammy saturates you with truth, a deep drink from a deep well. And yet, she does so with compassion, as if she’s walking right beside you, while imparting to you the precious gift of hope.”

John Hever Pastor @ H2O Church in Orlando Florida, and Author of The Hidden Delight of God (How to Kill Your Fear, Find Your Freedom and Take Back Your Life)

“Tammy Smith has been gifted, through the Holy Spirit, to give people information that leads directly to hope. Her witty speaking style is enjoyable for all ages and her knowledge of the scriptures is inspiring. I am thankful God brought her to our church to help the women of our church and community realize how vital God is to all our relationships.”

Jayne Smalley Women’s Retreat Coordinator, Westerville Christian Church, Westerville, Ohio

I have the privilege of knowing Dr. Tammy Smith in several differing capacities. This has given me a unique position in seeing Dr. Tammy genuinely live out the word of God in her personal and professional life. She exudes the presence of Jesus wherever she goes, whomever she meets and in whatever she says. Over 15 years of listening to speak, I have coined her profoundly insightful use of scripture as Tammy “Zingers”. Tammy offers her audience unforgettable moments where God’s truth becomes alive within you as if it was being spoken only to you. Recently, I was able to share with the ladies of our church her rich wisdom in speaking about “Soul Satisfaction”. The ladies couldn’t wait to hear her speak again, so we had her come back to help us understand how we take our connection with God, and learn to be the kind of person that others will find within us deeper and more meaningful “soul connections.”

Mary Rose Hamparian MACPC, PCC-S, Founder and Director of Beacon Counseling, Marysville, Ohio

“As a Women’s Ministry Director, I have a huge responsibility to our women to bring in as speakers Godly women with a genuine passion for Jesus Christ and His Bride, the Church. I believe that Tammy has been an answer to my prayers for our women to hear God’s Word and to learn how to apply His Word to our lives. We had Tammy speak at a Women’s Brunch and the women begged to have her back for our retreat. This year we had her here for our retreat, Confidence In Christ….An Extreme Heart Makeover. Some of the comments at the end of the Retreat were: “Tammy is awesome! She has found her calling from God and is using this gift to the fullest as she taught us how to overcome evil with The Truth.” “Tammy is just a dynamic speaker and the message, I know, I will be pondering for months!” “Tammy is dynamic, encouraging, warm and caring. The clarity of the message and the encouragement it gave has really touched my heart to seek God in a more intimate relationship.” “Thank you Tammy for your message. It was sent from God to my heart” “Tammy has been a joy for me to work with as she is authentic and truly loves the Lord with all that she is. She is just so full of energy and overflows with love for her Lord. I am grateful that our lives have crossed for this time and I am sure that, if God permits, we will ask her back again.”

Debbie Baker Director of Women’s Ministries, Fairfield Christian Church, Lancaster, Ohio

It has been our sincere pleasure to work with Dr. Tammy Smith on numerous occasions. Her blend of timely insight, years of study and application, and fall-off-your-seat laughter are consistently used by God in powerful ways. Each time she ministers to the people we are called to lead, we have two recurring reactions: 1) We could not have asked for anything better! 2) When can we have her back?

John Wootton Superintendent, Ohio Assemblies of God

“Tammy Smith is ‘crowd favorite’ for Young Life in Ohio! She has taught and inspired all of our staff and thousands of our volunteers for the last 9 years. She has encouraged groups of 30 and crowds of 1500! She has an amazing ability to make you laugh, cry, and at the same time embrace the deep, refreshing truth of God’s Word all in one hour. Tammy’s long-time counseling experience, authentic presence, and bold proclamation of God’s truth are both refreshing and healing.”

Rich Dargenio Young Life Regional Director, Buckeye Region

“After Tammy spoke, I heard a resounding, ‘Bring her back next year!’ and 100 women cannot be wrong! Over and over I received glorious reviews about Tammy’s speaking, including ‘spectacular,’ ‘awesome,’ ‘meaty,’ ‘godly,’ ‘wise,’ ‘thought-provoking,’ ‘wonderful,’ and ‘amazing.’ God uses her to touch people deeply.”

Lynn Hodapp Women’s Conference Coordinator, Northwest Chapel, Dublin, Ohio

Tammy recently ministered to our women at our weekend retreat. Her passion for and understanding of God’s word was not only evident in her speaking sessions, but also as she took the time to individually love our women. As the women’s ministry coordinator, I pray that God would help me build relationships with our women and that He would give me words to speak into their lives. It was encouraging to have someone else step into that role with me for this weekend. I am so thankful to Tammy for listening to God’s voice, speaking truth and ultimately being obedient to the call of Christ. After our retreat, there were many testimonials of how the Lord used Tammy to speak truth into the lives of our women:

“I recently attended a ladies’ retreat where Dr. Tammy was the keynote speaker. Afterward, I was explaining the weekend to a friend and said, “the best way I can describe it is that I felt like we were being dunked in the water of God’s Word. Occasionally we would come up for “air” but mostly we were just immersed in truth. I could’ve sat and listened to her teach for hours on end! We left the weekend “prunie”, but with so much truth that penetrated our minds, spirit, and lives. We are God’s masterpieces!!”
Hannah, age 27

“After our retreat was over, I went back home. That evening my husband was speaking to me, but I knew that it was the “yappy dog”, the enemy telling me lies. I usually would fight back and we would have had a huge argument. Instead I prayed, and didn’t believe the lie and responded in love. My husband and I didn’t fight and we had an enjoyable evening.”
Anonymous, age 45

“It was as if God used Tammy to speak directly to me. The truth of God’s word and the importance of memorizing scripture became so evident. It was exactly what I needed to hear.”
Jennifer, age 34

Kelly Hammersmith Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Living Hope Church, Marysville, Ohio

“We have had the privilege of having Tammy minister to our women on multiple retreats. God has continually answered our most expectant prayer for women’s hearts to be truly transformed when Tammy brings the Word, so we just keep inviting her back! If there is one word we would choose to describe Tammy and her way of reaching women, it would be CAPTIVATING. Her passion for God’s Word and her conviction that it is what sets us free is evident in her every word. She draws women in through her humor and her authenticity, and leaves us armed with truth to defeat the lies. We hold tightly to the memorable sayings….back to Jesus, yappy dog, smack dab, and use them often in Bible Study and in our daily head musings as we seek to fight from freedom and to live the Kingdom life. We are grateful for the eternal impact God has made on our women, our church and our community through Tammy’s obedience to God’s calling in bringing the Word to us.”

Stacey Santen River Ridge Church, Charleston, West Virginia

“Tammy Smith has been a gift to my family and our church community. She is a devoted wife, mother, and follower of Christ. In ministry her passion is helping people remove the obstacles from serving God with a free and full heart. It has been our experience that in small groups and large settings, this is the overflowing impact of her ministry.”

Chris Martin Pastor, Linworth Road Church, Columbus, Ohio

We love Tammy! We feel like she is our Ohio extension of our church in Jersey. My daughter highly recommended her to speak at our Ladies retreat after Tammy had spoken for their retreat in Michigan. We have had her speak for 3 different ladies retreats and had Tammy and Mike speak at our church for a Relationship/Couples Retreat weekend. We are all still talking about the things we learned and can apply to our daily lives. Tammy is in tune with the Holy Spirt, committed to sharing the truth of the Word of God without abandon. She is a wonderful blessing to me personally and to everyone whose life she touches. If you have her speak for an event get ready for God to move!

Kathy Cortner Bethel Baptist Church, New Jersey

“Tammy Smith came highly recommended as a first-rate speaker for our women’s retreat, but we could not have imagined how mightily He would use her to prepare a message for the ladies in our group. We had many women who came needing to rest in God’s care and peace, others needing encouragement, and still others in crisis needing a Word of love and hope, and Tammy’s obedience to God’s calling for her that weekend resulted in each woman in our group receiving from God what she needed. Her teaching spurred us on to be stronger, more equipped women of faith; her encouragement soothed our souls; and her humor restored us emotionally and mentally. She is a true disciple of Christ as she taught with humility and authenticity. We can’t wait to spend another weekend with her next year.”

Cindy Cunningham Women’s Retreat Coordinator, Rural United Methodist Church, Powell, Ohio