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Dr. Tammy Smith

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Soul Healing (revised 2022)


Soul Healing is a book that brings life-transforming understanding and, most importantly, healing to our wounded souls. Soul Healing has been used by God in the healing of many people. All of us bear wounds from living in a fallen world. By showing how we are all wounded by the enemy’s deceptions, this work points the way to Hope.

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Packed full of God’s Word, Tammy explains what these lies have done to our souls, and how this has kept us from living the abundant life God promised us in John 10:10. The truths in this work powerfully explain why, even if we know Christ, many of us are just surviving. Frequently, we do not know who we are in Christ because of the wounds to our souls.

Soul Healing invites us to experience victory by living in the light of God’s truths, wisely navigating the effects of emotional hurt, and walking in the unconditional love and freedom of Christ.

Revised 2022


New to the Soul Healing materials?

  • Soul Healing (the book) can stand alone.
  • Soul Healing Forever (the 126-page study guide) does not optimally stand alone, but is designed for in-depth learning of the truths in Soul Healing.
  • The Soul Healing Video Series can be viewed by itself, but the accompanying outlines in the Video Companion Booklet are highly recommended.
  • The Soul Healing Video Companion Booklet does not stand alone but is the comprehensive outline for the video series.


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