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Dr. Tammy Smith

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Soul Healing Video Series Packages


Are you ready to experience the mercy, joy, peace and fullness that only come through Christ?

Join Dr. Tammy Smith and her friends in 10 sessions of teaching, insight, blessing, and Truth. In addition to Tammy’s in-depth teaching covering all 13 chapters of Soul Healing, these sessions contain extras to enrich and encourage your journey toward victory. Freedom in Christ can be a way of life, as you take in these life-altering truths and become equipped with tools for daily living.

Perfect for individuals, groups, and churches, the Soul Healing Video Series will take you on a path of healing readily adaptable to your personal experiences. No matter where you are in your relationship with Him, God is ready to meet you right there.

*No DVDs available at this time.

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Leading a Group?
Purchase the Soul Healing Video Series group package. We recommend that each group participant have a personal copy of the Soul Healing Video Series Companion Booklet (10 are included in group package).

Leaders are also much better equipped if they have personally read Soul Healing and gone through Soul Healing Forever (also included with group package). There is no leader’s guide, but many portions of Soul Healing Forever provide excellent focusing points, questions, and activities.

New to the Soul Healing materials?
Soul Healing (the book) can stand alone.

Soul Healing Forever (study guide) does not optimally stand alone, but is designed for in-depth learning of the truths in Soul Healing.

The Soul Healing Video Series can stand alone. Its Companion Booklet cannot.

For maximum life-change, we recommend all three used in conjunction for comprehensive understanding and accommodating a wide variety of learning styles.

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Session Time

Ch. 1: The intended Plan; 1:01:05
Ch. 2: Full Awareness; 43:54
Ch. 3: Wounds, Lies, Consequences; 51:23
Ch. 4: Eyes To See; 41:31
Ch. 5/6: Real Filling/Space in Your Soul; 1:00:43
Ch. 7: Hiding Out; 46:43
Ch. 8: The Intellectual Pathway; 55:53
Ch. 9: The Spiritual Pathway; 43:28
Ch. 10/11: The Behavioral Pathway; 51:05
Ch. 12 A Better Life // Ch. 13: You Go!; 43:20


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