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Dr. Tammy Smith


23 Jun
All day

Silver Bay YMCA, Silver Bay, NY For more information contact

02 Nov
All day

Rittman United Methodist Church, Rittman, OH For more information contact

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It has been our sincere pleasure to work with Dr. Tammy Smith on numerous occasions. Her blend of timely insight, years of study and application, and fall-off-your-seat laughter are consistently used by God in powerful ways. Each time she ministers to the people we are called to lead, we have two recurring reactions: 1) We could not have asked for anything better! 2) When can we have her back?

John Wootton Superintendent, Ohio Assemblies of God

“After Tammy spoke, I heard a resounding, ‘Bring her back next year!’ and 100 women cannot be wrong! Over and over I received glorious reviews about Tammy’s speaking, including ‘spectacular,’ ‘awesome,’ ‘meaty,’ ‘godly,’ ‘wise,’ ‘thought-provoking,’ ‘wonderful,’ and ‘amazing.’ God uses her to touch people deeply.”

Lynn Hodapp Women’s Conference Coordinator, Northwest Chapel, Dublin, Ohio

“Tammy Smith has been gifted, through the Holy Spirit, to give people information that leads directly to hope. Her witty speaking style is enjoyable for all ages and her knowledge of the scriptures is inspiring. I am thankful God brought her to our church to help the women of our church and community realize how vital God is to all our relationships.”

Jayne Smalley Women’s Retreat Coordinator, Westerville Christian Church, Westerville, Ohio
Proverbs 16:9

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.