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Dr. Tammy Smith

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Soulhearted and Real Marriage Holiday Special


Holiday Special
Starting now until December 18th, the devotional Soulhearted and book Real Marriage are each just $6, or you can get both for $10. Order these thoughtful Truth-filled blessings in time for Christmas, as many enjoy starting the 365-day devotional on January 1. Great Christmas gift!!



Rich in inspiration and God’s Truth, this year-long devotional assists you in learning how to love and be loved the way He intended.

Written by Tammy Smith & Ali Hooper. No matter where you are in your relationship with Jesus, this book provides a way to deepen, encourage, and equip you in your walk with Him. Through everyday examples, Tammy and Ali provide a focus for your heart and soul as you navigate the ordinary (and extraordinary) circumstances of life. Armed with insights about daily spiritual battle, perspectives for persevering, and wisdom from the Bible, you can live more freely and victoriously.


Expect your eyes to be opened to the power of Jesus in your relationship — He is the path to marital breakthrough! In Real Marriage: Seeing the Soul, Tammy’s words divert us from the trap of trying to change our spouses and challenge us to examine and discard assumptions and unhealthy expectations. She reminds us to fight from the victory we have been given as we engage in the spiritual battle for our marriage. By choosing to see a bigger picture, reject lies and speak positive, powerful words, you will open a window to see the image of Christ and glory of redemption in your spouse’s soul.


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